This week...

...lots of things will happen!maybe.

I have this week off of school to do lots of things. Most of it is personal. Wisdom teeth removal, finishing up college apps, doing some financial aid related stuff, the usual homework, etc.

I am still planning on at least 2 things happening this week that you might be interested in:

- A video
- A major Dummkopf update
- Possibly a video to go with the Dummkopf update

The first video will be something more usual to what I do. It's a new thing for me that I haven't done before, however.

The major Dummkopf update is so far planned to include a variety of changes (not all of them are user-level) including a move away from .txt files (when I started this bot I was a real novice at file manipulation... now I'm less of a novice), opening up the source code of Dummkopf (including allowing forks), making it overall more stable, adding an excessive amount of new features (the bugs! oh how I enjoy squashing them! not..), as well as making the web…

$25 for an SSD: The Inland 120GB SSD

Inland is Micro Center's in-house brand for various different products. You can get Inland products from Amazon as well. I got this SSD from Micro Center's Amazon store for $25, however if you live near a Micro Center they can be had for $22 + tax. The only reason I got it from Amazon was for convenience, as it's a 15 minute drive to and from my local Micro Center from my house.

For my first post here, I am going to compare this SSD to my 3-year-old 120GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD. This might seem stupid, as the 850 EVO is top of the line & the Inland SSD is a budget drive, but because of the age of the 850 EVO it would be nice to see how it has held up over the years.

I'm not incredibly knowledgeable in how to properly benchmark SSDs and hard drives, but I do at least have numbers that you can interpret for yourself.

For each test conducted, the 2 SSDs have a single NTFS partition on them. The Inland has the advantage here because it is blank & is not running Windo…